Congratulations Alina and Jim!

This¬† past weekend I had a pleasure to design wedding flowers for a super fun and adorable couple- Alina and Jim! Alina loves purple. In fact, i don’t think I ever had seen her wear anything that didn’t include at least a touch of her favorite color. So of course, the wedding flowers had to be purple! As a floral designer you need to be flexible and creative. And this weekend is when i needed to be both. Because of the recent cold snap, the purple hydrangeas that i needed for the design were simply not available, and flying them in from New Zealand was not an option. I had individually died every stem of the hydrangea used for this wedding so that it looks natural, just like in Nature. ( solid puple hydrangeas don’t exist). The result is a lush luxurious centerpiece , exactly like i intended. Jim loves all kinds of cool additions, so for him i did the inside lighting and LED votives.¬† This was a fun, if not a traditional wedding. I wish Alina and Jim a lifetime of happiness and laughter!

pure magic

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